摘要: How does Christianity explain Ancient China?\x0a基督教如何解释古中国?

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How does  Christianity explain Ancient China?


Ruoyu Liu, studied at Sun Yat-Sen University (2014)
Oh please don’t do that, if you guys want to leave a good impression to the Chinese.

I feel extremely insulted when hearing things like ‘ancient Chinese believed Christian God’, a hoax which is equally ridiculous as myth fabricated by some Chinese that Marco Polo brought the recipes of Chinese Baozi back to Italy but failed to wrap them up, which led to the creation of pizzas. The fact was that China as a civilization had already existed at least 1,500 years before Jesus was born (let’s consider Xia Dynasty as a myth) and earliest Chinese mythology had nothing to do with Christianity. The same feeling goes to the vast majority of Chinese who take great pride in their culture.

May I once again quote some words from the book China Mirage, written by James Bradley?
我能再引用一下James Bradley的《中国海市蜃楼》中的几句话么?

The Chinese can not understand why they should embrace an exclusive God and his Son. The idea that the American way was superior to that of Chinese because it was based on Christianity was insulting to an ancient people who now found themselves condescended to by young missionaries from a new country......After ten years in China, Reverend Sydenstriker admitted that he had made only ten converts.

So could you at least entertain the ideas (or realities to be precise) just for a tiny moment that the world civilizations are diverse and all of them have their own origins? That there are billions of people who respect your belief but don’t want to be one of you? That there are countries like China where people seek wisdom from their own ancestors and are able to regulate and cultivate themselves without God?

Chris M. Wang
It can’t.

Christianity can’t even explain its own origins in a way that conforms to archaeology, history, and the top scholarship in comparative mythology. Its followers have to resort to ignorance and deception to spread their religion.


China has its own ancient traditions which far predates the advent of Christianity, and Chinese people already believe their own ancient superstitious nonsense, and definitely does not need more Iron Age Palestinian myths on top of that.

Christians, go away and wreck and destroy other cultures as you have done throughout history, if you want. Don’t touch my irrational beliefs.

Tim Lockwood, Where there is life, there is hope.(生命不息,希望永存。)
How does Christianity explain Ancient China?

We explain ancient China whichever way historians explain it, assuming we happen to know what the explanation is; same as we would explain the US Civil War, the Moors in Spain, the shipping trade on the Mediterranean Sea during the Roman Empire, and many other historical people and events. Duly noted there is a literalist/creationist minority of Christians who may not be able to adequately explain such things that may have occurred more than 6000 years ago, due to a flawed reading of the Bible. But Christianity as a rule has no problem acknowledging the existence of many ancient things.

Jacob Dallas, Pastors son who became atheist on a mission trip
Oh, I know this one!

I’m a former Literal 6-day Creationist. I owned Ken Ham, Jason Lyle, and Kent Hovind’s books. I visited the Kentucky Creation Museum on several occasions, and considered myself quite the scholar on proof that the world is 6000 years old.
我以前就是一个逐字看书的六天的神造说信徒。我有en Ham,Jason Lyle, 和 Kent Hovind的书。我参观了肯塔基州神造博物馆几次,认为我在证明世界6000岁方面可以引经据典。

How did we, as Creationists, explain away civilizations that seemed to be around during the Great Flood and to have a massive population even in time “before the world existed”? Easy…We assumed archaeologists were frauds and liars.

Seriously! Many, many times when faced with damning proof to my worldview I just said, “Hey! These people are God-hating evolutionists! They’re just making it up.”

Simple as that…People hold on tightly to their beliefs despite overwhelming evidence.

Dante Carangelo
Apparently, according to the Bible, all the people in the world gathered in one location thousands of years ago to build the Tower of Babel, which would reach to Heaven so they would be able to overthrow God. In response, God twisted their tongues into different languages, which hindered their ability to communicate, and then cast them to different corners of the Earth, thus explaining its variety of different cultures the Christians didn’t understand, including those of ancient China.

Other than that and the Three Kings of Orient, my best guess would be “It doesn’t.”

Carlo Sirna, Software Engineer (1997-present)
Christianity doesnt have any problem with ancient China

The insane idea that the world is less than 5000 years old is not endorsed by any true Christian. It is an extremist idea born in USA and believed only by some americans (an alarming percentage of the americans I must say)

Not even the Pope endorses this retrograde interpretation of the Bible:

Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are real and God is not a magician with a magic wand

Emanuel Leung, lived in China (2011-2012)
There was a christian chinese filmmaker called Yuan Zhiming who actually tried to answer this question… literally.

The idea was that the Ancient Chinese, the Shang and the Zhou dynasties, when they referred to “tian” (heaven), Yuan and some Chinese christians said that they were actually referring to Yahweh in the Judeo-Christian parlance. Also, some chinese characters like the character for “yi” or righteousness, is formed by the word “lamb” above the word “I/me”. This supposedly prefaces Jesus Christ, the lamb of God. Yuan Zhiming also made a tv series about ancient chinese history from a christian perspective. Other than what I already mentioned, the only part I remember now off the top of my head is that the Christian “heritage” of China stopped when Qin Shihuang used the word “huang” (august, divine) to refer to himself. From then on, China was supposedly no longer worshipping Yahweh…

I am Christian myself, and I am not willing to say 100% that these beliefs are false, but the likelihood of them being true cannot be proven and as the burden of proof is on Yuan Zhiming, so far the answer is no.

Unfortunately for Yuan, he had to admit to an extramarital affair and was accused of rape and therefore had to step down from his ministry position. Oh sweet Jesus…. :D




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